Technical and engineering appointments for November 2021

Anastasia Bogomolova @Modern Plant-Based Foods Inc.

Anastasia Bogomolova has been recruited by Modern Plant-Based Foods Inc. as a Director of Operations in Vancouver. She was formerly employed as a Senior Production Manager at Daiya Foods Inc.

Michael Capretta @IKO North America

Michael Capretta is taking up the duties of Director Of Logistics at IKO North America in Brampton. Prior to that he had worked as Director Of Operations at Farrow Logistics.

Laiza De Borba @Linen Chest

Laiza De Borba joined Linen Chest as a WMS Project Coordinator in Bois-des-Filion. She had worked at LXRandCo.

Arkah Ghosh @Article

Arkah Ghosh will now occupy the functions of Software Engineering Manager, Data Services at Article in Vancouver where she had been working as a Senior Data Engineer.

Yegor Peng. @Foley's Candies Limited Partnership

Yegor Peng. was formerly employed as a Director of Engineering and Maintenance at Brockmanns’s Chocolates. He is working the same position at Foley's Candies Limited Partnership in Surrey.

Costa Passarelli @ABB

Costa Passarelli has left GrassValley where he was employed as a Component Engineer to be in charge of the same responsibilities at ABB in Montreal.

Jillian Stuart @KF Aerospace

After working as a Materials and Planning Supervisor at AEM (Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing Corp. ), Jillian Stuart has taken on the responsibilities of Supply Chain Manager at KF Aerospace in Kelowna.

Marcel Brunet @Delpharm

Marcel Brunet has been hired by Delpharm as Senior Consultant in Montreal. He had formerly worked as Site Director at Delpharm Montreal.

Vicki Braide @Mejuri

Vicki Braide is moving on from being Manager, Supply Chain in DYMON Storage. She will start working as Manager, Demand Planning at Mejuri in Toronto.

Maria Turi @Bouclair Inc.

Maria Turi is moving on from being Category Manager Laura Div in Laura Canada. She will be working as Buyer at Bouclair Inc. in Laval.

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