Cameco Corporation

Cameco Corporation jobs


  • Headquarters: Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)
  • Year of creation: 1988
  • Type of company: public
  • Sector of activity: mining, energy


Cameco Corporation is the world’s largest publicly traded uranium company. It is responsible for 18 percent of the world’s uranium production and is a leading provider of nuclear fuel processing services, selling uranium as fuel for generating electricity in nuclear power plants. Its land holdings include about 1.7 million acres of land predominantly near existing Canadian operations. It operates worldwide with mines in North America and Kazakhstan.  


Cameco’s more than 2000 employees are engaged in many trades and technical occupations some of which include geologists, technologists, engineers, miners, electricians and industrial mechanics. They are a diverse, inquisitive and agile group of people who depend upon creative problem solving, respect and cooperation to successfully fulfill their respective roles. Cameco offers an employee assistance program as well as job training and tuition to infuse its employees with innovate perspectives and experiences allowing them and the company to excel.

Working environment

Cameco provides its personnel with competitive compensation and generous benefits that include health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance. Additionally, the company offers a pension plan, a retirement plan, a performance bonus, stock options, maternity/paternity leave and sick leave, to name but a few. Most mines are located near smaller towns with stunning landscapes offering outdoor recreational possibilities. Employees are encouraged to be active and engaged in their communities.

Corporate culture

Cameco believes in social responsibility and investing in the community. It provides leadership to community organizations and campaigns, raising funds for several charities and targeting one percent of after-tax net earnings for community initiatives. Cameco values safety and the environment. Employees must take and pass a substance test. It adheres to a code of conduct that outlines the expectations of how business is to be conducted. Respect, safety, integrity and making a difference in the communities in which employees live and work are some of the cornerstones of this organization.

Contact us 2121 11th Street West Saskatoon, SK S7M 1J3
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