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Registered office: Montreal (Quebec)
Year of creation: 1786
Business type: public company
Activity sector: food & beverage

Molson is the oldest Canadian brewery still in operation. The Molson Brewery was founded in Montreal in 1786, and the brand as we know it today was born in 1959. The company has continued to expand, including through the acquisition over the years of other breweries, and has now become the largest brewery in Canada, and the 5th largest brewery in the world. Molson brews and distributes its beer internationally, in more than 25 countries. Long based in Montreal, the brewery will move to the south shore, in a place where it will be easier to modernize its complex and expand its facilities.

Molson has nearly 3,000 employees in Canada, from Maritimes to Vancouver, including 1,000 at its Montreal brewery. Team spirit and self-help prevail among employees: passionate about beer, they rely on friendliness and collaboration between colleagues. Molson employees have often joined the company during an internship, and have appreciated the means at their disposal to achieve their goals. The variety of projects and responsibilities entrusted to them, the confidence they have been shown, allowed them to learn and improve quickly. Most of them wanted to continue their career in the company and put their talents to stay and work at Molson.

The company has become international, but the family spirit of Molson and the roots of Montreal are still deeply rooted. The company operates internationally, taking care to maintain the independence of its Canadian team. If the news of the move of the plant from its historic site in Montreal, for the South Shore, has pleased the host municipality, the transformation of the facilities has created a certain questioning among employees. Management, however, assures that there is no plan to reduce the number of jobs, and the union is satisfied with the proximity of the new site.

Corporate culture
Molson imposes a virtuous image in the beer industry: they work to implement prevention programs for alcohol consumption, rely on marketing that encourages responsible drinking. They associate with partners to support initiatives related to road safety, shared transportation, etc. Sustainable development is at the heart of Molson's concerns: emissions reduction, water management, ethical and sustainable sourcing are issues for its production. It also engages its consumers in environmental efforts: the company started a small revolution in the United States in 1961, creating the first canned-pack program.

Contact us 1550 Notre-Dame Street East
Montreal, QC H2L 2R5
Industry Food, Catering, Beverage
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