Quality Control Technician

March 15 2019
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Toronto, ON

Commercial Bakeries is an industry leader in the manufacturing of private label cookies. We provide our clients with the latest in cookie products, customized to meet the requirements of your target market.

Our company is looking for a QC Technician  with a minimum of 1 year and maximum 2 years of of experience from a food manufacturing environment.  A  College or University education in Food Science is an asset

The candidate will be expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Conduct pre-shift inspection of bakeshop equipment/ machinery, mixers/belts/ containers/ measuring tools and after each changeover
  • Conduct swabbing of bakeshop equipment/ machinery/ mixers(gluten residue, allergen residue)
  • Verifying correct formula used with product profile and production schedule
  •  Lot number verification of recorded ingredients on formula sheets/correct ingredients used on hourly basis. (note any changes on formula sheet and confirm and ensure sign off by shift manager on any changes on production formula sheet, QC sign off for verification)
  •  Inspection of ingredients for potential contamination(odour, appearance, colour, condition)
  •  Confirm correct ingredients brought to the production area by shipping department
  •  Inspection of bakeshop equipment/ machinery/ belts/ containers/ mixers for damage parts and potential  contamination, documenting and reporting to shift manager
  •   Issuing an incident report and/or hold report for out of standards product/ingredient
  •  Responsible for putting up alert signs & removing (for allergen, gluten free/organic)
  •  Daily monitoring of rework documenting and reporting.
  •  Visual inspection of  dough (colour, impression, appearance)
  •   Inspection of ingredient room, cooler, scaling, mixing area(behind mixers) for proper storage, cleanliness,  potential contamination issues, documenting and reporting to shift manager for corrective action
  •  Recording of cooler temperature, sugar magnet inspection, flour sifter inspection if tailings and document
  •  Inspection of operators for GMP's practices, measuring tools, procedures
  •  Conduct hourly recording of raw dough weight, oven speed
  •  Collection of retain samples of oil used in production and documenting
  •  Record daily incoming raw ingredients, record bulk lot# on board by shift manager office, collect  certificate of analysis from shipping department and hand in to QA Management. Collect retain sample of bulk sugar, flour from shipping.
  •  Cover for QC tech when absent
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