4 Factors to Consider Before Accepting a Position

Before accepting a position in a company that you don’t know, you should consider these 4 factors… beyond the salary offered!

  1. The conditions of the job offer

When a job offer is received as a result of a hiring process, it must be consistent with your expectations and the conditions stated during the interview. If there are significant differences between the conditions of the position stated orally (working time, mobility and non-competition clauses, duration of the trial period, possibility of working remotely, etc.) and the final offer, then you will have to come to a new agreement. You do not want to begin this new job with a feeling of frustration!

“The important thing, in my opinion, is also to know one another well, know what you want, what you do not want, what you like, what is important for you in the work, and what concessions you are prepared to make to occupy this position in line with your personal constraints, in order to feel good and fulfilled in the position,” adds Ariane Gingras, business adviser at the CITIM, a service to help in the search for a job for immigrants in Montreal.

  1. The company culture

The company culture is its mission, its vision and its values. Before joining a company, you must make sure that you can see yourself in its identity, share its culture and imagine yourself developing in the work environment it offers. To do this, you could do research on its reputation with former employees, for example.

  1. The churn rate

A significant staff churn rate is a decisive factor in accepting a job, because it spotlights difficult working conditions, management dysfunctions or a poor working environment. This indicator can demonstrate that a company is not succeeding in retaining its employees, or that competing companies are offering better working conditions.

  1. Opportunities for development

While it is essential to find a job that comes closest to matching your skill set, it is also essential to know the opportunities for development. “Accepting a position in a company that has a policy of internal recruitment is very beneficial, because it often allows for good internal development,” concludes Khadidja Guerboukha, trainer-counsellor at CITIM.

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