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Some Tips for Finding an Evening Job

To make ends meet, or just to have a variety of work experiences, it can be interesting to consider an evening job. Here are some tips to find the one that will suit your personality and your schedule. Regardless of your professional situation, holding a part-time evening job could let you boost your income while […]


Technology Central to the China-America War

The war between the United States and China conceals issues that are more complex and strategic than the simple trade balance. When the challenger wants to take the place of the leader, the results are not expected, especially when the countries are governed by two strong characters.   An ambitious China Three years ago, Xi […]

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How to Optimize Your Use of Online Placement

Created by Emploi-Québec, the Online Placement tool can be particularly useful for students. Here are some tips for finding a seasonal job or a paid internship. Whether for an internship, a seasonal job or a permanent position, work is always additional experience: a line on your resume which will confirm your willingness and your energy. It […]


Today’s Tires – Concentrated Technological Innovations

Influencing steering, power, consumption and even noise, the tire is a centrepiece on which automotive manufacturers are redoubling efforts and creativity to meet the requirements of drivers and environmental constraints.     Green tires Even though oil only represents one of the 200 components of a tire, it is of sufficiently high proportion in synthetic […]

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Some Tips for Passive Job Seekers

“The reality of today’s job market is that people are in motion. They move from one job to another quickly,” sums up Éloïc Lévesque-Dorion, employment counsellor at the Montreal Downtown Job Search Club. “People stay in the same company for three years on average,” he adds. “Everyone will eventually have to find another job.” Even […]


Nuclear Power: Canada In a Strong Position

A major source of energy and revenue for Canada, nuclear power must nonetheless contend with the tug between its supporters, who praise its low emissions of greenhouse gases, and its detractors, who deplore the devastating effects of radioactive waste. Let’s take a look at the global and Canadian situation of uranium and nuclear power plants […]


How to Assert Your Personality With a Recruiter

To stand out, skills are not enough – you have to know how to arouse the recruiter’s interest by highlighting your personality. How do you achieve this in a résumé, on social media? Tips. Targeting the required personal qualities Showcasing your personality is a good way of enhancing your candidacy and eliciting a call from […]


Newcomers – Adapting Your Résumé for Canada

What are the characteristics that distinguish a Canadian résumé? Here are some aspects to consider, if you have just arrived in the country. From pragmatism and adaptation to the job offer Canadian recruiters expect to find the exact requirements of the job offer in your résumé. Sort through your business information to include only those […]

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How to Respond to Harassment at Work

Sexual, psychological or discriminatory harassment: these situations are found more often that you might think in Canadian workplaces. 19% of women and 13% of men have been victims at least once in their careers. Learn how to recognize it to know how to react accordingly. Is it harassment? To know how to respond, the first […]


Technology to the Rescue of Apiculture… For the Survival of Humanity

Although the disappearance of bees is not new, awareness of their mortality is relatively recent and all the more necessary as the consequences could be dramatic for humanity. While some specialists say that more than 50% of our food depends on apiculture, will technology be able to stem this scourge?     A species in […]


3D Metal Printing in Aerospace

In the last few years, 3D printing has experienced a real turning point with additive metal printing. Customized manufactured parts, light weight, reduction of costs and lead times are among the factors that have led aerospace participants to get into 3D metal printing by taking on partnerships with specialists in the field.  Evolution of 3D […]

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Women in Science – a Hard-to-Break Glass Ceiling

Although it has been noted and denounced for years, women remain underrepresented in the fields of science and research. Despite the existence of disparities between countries, the underlying trend remains the same: the level of education of young women is increasing without significant effects on the number of researchers or laureates in the sciences.   […]

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