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Energy Efficiency Engineer: a key position

At the time of the Paris Agreement and greenhouse gas emission quotas, various players have realized that the future of the planet is in their hands. To support the many private and public initiatives – such as “zero carbon” by 2030 for 12 international cities, the refusal by investors to finance projects harmful to the […]


Meet the self-taught engineer

What do you do when you dream of coding video games but school is not for you? How do you become an electrical engineer without ever setting foot in a university? Self-teaching seems to be one solution… or nearly. Can everyone really be self-taught? How will employers see it?   Genesis of a self-taught learner […]


Does Artificial Intelligence Threatens your Job?

Although it’s the stuff of dreams, Artificial Intelligence (AI) also makes many people fearful of losing their jobs. AI could eliminate 7 million jobs by 2020 and only create 2 million, a net loss of 5 million positions in 3 years. Confronted by these figures, should we be alarmed? This study from Klaus Schwab and […]


A bright future for the photovoltaic engineer

What could be more reassuring for a future engineer than to launch into a market that has seen a growth rate of 2340% in ten years (from 2005 to 2015). Indeed, the market for photovoltaic (PV) solar energy is booming in Canada and will continue to develop for the coming decades, despite its still-prohibitive cost […]


Optics-Photonics in Quebec

The optics-photonics sector is booming in the province, generating 800 million dollars in sales and more than 7,000 jobs. A centre for excellence has just been launched in Quebec City, with the government’s support. Gathering forces to be better equipped to conquer the local and international markets is the objective of optics-photonics companies which have […]


How to facilitate entrepreneurship among engineers?

Almost non-existent a few decades ago, teaching entrepreneurship in universities is growing exponentially. While in the United States in 1970 there were only 16 offering such a course, now, 47 years later, there are close to 1,600. It can then be asked whether engineers are made for entrepreneurship. How is awareness of this option to […]

Career management

The end of women’s under-representation in the oil and gas sector?

The oil and gas sector employs the second-lowest proportion of women, after construction. This trend, well rooted in the sector’s mentality, is slowly beginning to change. What is the current situation? What actions are to be put in place so that oil and gas companies hire more women?   Unfortunate record for petroleum Today, the […]


Geological engineer: a profession with high potential

Varied assignments, widely sought skills, being involved in a variety of fields, some mobility… only positive points for the profession of geological engineer. Very little known by the general public, there has been interest in this profession for some years due to the multitude of environmental challenges and very encouraging employment prospects. The three major […]


Shortage of 48,000 truckers by 2024

It’s not a new problem but it’s getting worse! According to a recent study, the Canadian road transport sector will have to deal with a serious shortage of truck drivers within the next eight years. The average age of truckers in Canada is currently 47, two years older than in 2013, when the coming shortage […]

Company life

Unions are no longer attractive

Having been challenged for twenty years now, unions are losing their attractiveness and pull. Unionization campaigns are more puzzling than ever. Rather than a workers’ lack of interest, this decline reflects the current conditions of a difficult and unequal labour market. A kingdom of unions in North America, Quebec has one of the highest unionization […] network