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Experimentation – Technology to the Rescue of Animals

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) could only applaud with both hands the article published on August 9, 2017, in which two Australian researchers listed serious alternatives to animal experimentation. Thanks to in vitro experiments and in silico techniques, some of the three million animals studied annually in Canada for scientific purposes could have […]

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Rudologist – a Source of Hope for Waste Management

Caught by his own trap, man must now find solutions to manage the waste products he has himself produced. This task is all the more necessary with some waste having a life of hundreds of years (plastic bags) or a dangerous effect for hundreds of thousands of years (radioactive residues). Portrait of the waste situation […]


Dilemma and War over Rare Earths

Paradoxical as it may appear, the ecological movement that many Western countries are undertaking may not be so green after all… At issue is exploration for rare earths – highly sought after by those involved in energy transformation – for which the effects on the environment will negate the expected benefits. Take a few moments […]


Composites – a Material That Has Become Essential

In the last twenty years, the market for composite materials has seen annual growth of 5% to 10%, driven mainly by consumption from emerging countries and by the construction and transport sectors of developed countries. Faced with growing and challenging demand, composites have to adapt both upstream and downstream of its manufacturing process. Explanations.   […]


Is human nature ready to accept biomimicry?

In the current environment of ecological and energy transition, biomimicry is opening an exciting path for companies and countries wishing to engage in sustainable development. Described for the first time by American scientist Janine Benyus, biomimicry seems to promise great achievements provided we know how to change our vision of the world. Demystifying biomimicry Biomimicry […]


Businesses and employees challenged by the 4th Industrial Revolution

Like one day to the next, revolutions follow one another but do not resemble each other. There is little in common between the mechanization of the 1780s, the electrification of the end of the 19th century, the electronics of the 1970s and today’s Industry 4.0. However, all these revolutions brought their lot of discoveries and […]

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Director of Transport Job Overview

With an area of close to 10 million km2, it’s not surprising that the second-largest country in the world is a leader in the field of transport. Before we look at the profession of Director of Transport, let’s draw a picture of the transportation market in Canada and see what are the challenges awaiting… Powerful […]


When technology enters into our diet

From agriculture to recipes and labelling, no part of the agri-food industry is exempt from technological innovations, particularly biotechnology and nanotechnology. Here’s how the farmer, industrialist, cook or consumer benefits from these technological advances.   Technology in our fields Given the scarcity of arable land and the necessity of feeding an ever-growing global population, agriculture […]

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7 Awesome Job Search Resolutions for 2018

Whether you have been seeking a new job for several months or whether changing company is part of your good resolutions for 2018, you will have to take some initiatives to find an offer that suits you and convinces employers. Here are 7 awesome job search resolutions for 2018. 1. I will review my CV Whether […]


Luxury and new technologies – are they compatible?

Has the time come for luxury to be revolutionized, incorporate new technologies, adapt to the changing world? The question deserves to be asked when we consider that for the first time in 20 years (1975 to 1995) the global luxury market has inverted its grown curve (- 1%). First of all, let’s look at this […]


Nuclear fusion – as many challenges as hopes

Announced over half a century ago, nuclear fusion is about to become reality… Within a few years – or decades – man should be able to reproduce, here on Earth and in a controlled manner, the reaction that gives the Sun its energy, thereby opening the way to production of abundant, clean and safe energy. […]

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Dare to apply without having all the qualifications !

Employers are increasingly demanding with regards to the skills of administrative employees. However, it is quite rare for a candidate to have all the requirements. Here are some tips of what to emphasize when you decide to apply without having all the qualifications. Zaïda B. Mangones, employability consultant at the Club de recherche d’emploi de […]

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