Company Culture – How to Find the Ideal Employer

Looking for an employer is becoming more and more like looking for… a spouse! An increasing number of employees are looking for the perfect match. A recent survey by the Robert Half firm reveals that 2 Canadians out of 5 would be willing to turn down the job of their dreams if they disagreed with the company’s values. How do you know if the employer meets your expectations? Is it possible to sense the organizational culture while being hired?

Organizational culture – the basis of “employee experience”

A company’s culture brings together its values, its history, its beliefs and its norms, which have a significant impact on the environment and on how an employee works. “It represents an organization’s DNA, what distinguishes it,” says Sylvie Taillon, an experienced human resources partner. “It is a critical factor for attracting, motivating and retaining employees.”

Take stock of your personal expectations

Before applying for jobs, think about the work climate that is appropriate for you. What values are important to you in the professional sphere? What are your deep motivations for carrying out your daily tasks? What type of management are you most comfortable with? “Especially determine is non-negotiable for you. This will help you make a choice in the event of hesitation,” advises this expert.

Research the web while seeking a job

The organizational culture will be reflected on a company’s website and social media. Nothing is trivial! From design through the tone of messages, its identity is already perceptible. “Some companies decide, for example, to put their culture book online to attract talent that matches them,” says Ms. Taillon. Regarding employer assessment websites such as Glassdoor, “they give an idea of what is happening internally, but these are personal experiences that are risky to generalize.”

Dare to ask the right questions in the interview

Sometimes there is a discrepancy between the projected image and the reality experienced on the ground. If you get an interview, be curious! “You have the right to ask the recruiter any questions you want about internal values and ways of doing things,” concludes Ms. Taillon. “Don’t hesitate either to ask to meet the team, to take a tour of the offices to feel the atmosphere and see if the work environment suits you.”

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