Senior Site Geophysics Specialist

January 16 2021
Industries Mining, Petroleum, Natural Gas
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Oakville, ON

Company Overview – A Start-up Disrupting the Mining Industry

Novamera is developing "keyhole surgery" for mining, an innovative clean technology and process that will be able to mine steeply dipping narrow vein mineral deposits more safely, economically and sustainably using commercially available drilling equipment and imaging technology combined with certain patent pending inventions. A global opportunity, Novamera sees its technology as a way for the mining industry and other stakeholders in communities across the world to co-exist.

With a never-ending need for mineral resources, Novamera's technology will minimize environmental impact by only extracting ore and leaving the waste in the ground. Mining operations will, therefore, have a smaller footprint, particularly with respect to tailings facilities, while doing so using less energy and water consumption. Mining companies will also benefit by being able to develop known mineral deposits or zones that may not be economic today and extend existing mines beyond their current engineering limits, leveraging existing infrastructure. In addition, the imaging component of the technology would enable more efficient exploration. Novamera expects its technology to have a lasting positive impact on safety, the environment and the economic well being of mining companies and the communities in which they operate.

Please visit the company website at for more background on Novamera and the Sustainable Mining by Drilling ("SMD") technology.

SMD System – A Revolutionary Technology

The unique drilling system combines high resolution subsurface imaging and directional drilling in a two-pass process that identifies the physical shape of the ore vein and is highly flexible to changes in vein geometry. The initial pass uses a diamond drill to create a pilot hole that is guided by the near borehole imaging tool ("NBIT"). The NBIT performs downhole surveys at regular intervals to measure hole trajectory and distance from the hanging wall and foot wall. The second pass utilizes large diameter (0.5m to 3.0m) hole opening equipment, guided by the pilot hole, to excavate the vein out to its full thickness. The cuttings are transported to surface using low energy reverse circulation air lift assist methods.

The SMD technology has been developed and tested in the Drilling Technology Lab at Memorial University of Newfoundland, has undergone field trials related to the NBIT and has received patent pending status. Novamera expects to complete the minimum viable product by mid 2021 and begin a full scale field trial. SMD will truly be a revolutionary technology and mining method that will change the economics of mining and improve safety while doing it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Opportunity – Engineering Role in Reshaping the Mining Industry

Given the market potential, Novamera was spun out of Anaconda, creating a new Canadian private corporation. The Senior Applications Geophysicist has the opportunity to come on board at the ground floor, be a part of the engineering team and be a significant contributor in shaping the development of the SMD technology.

Novamera Inc is looking for:

A self driven senior geophysicist looking to be challenged by integrating and interpreting geological, geophysical, and related information, to identify underground rock interfaces, their exact location and produce ore body models. An individual who is looking to join and grow with a start-up company delivering innovative, disruptive and sustainable technology to the responsible mining operators. Someone who is not afraid to bring to life concepts and resolve challenges through innovative design.

Role and Responsibilities include:

  • Developing signal processing methodologies to identify underground anomalies.
  • Developing different signal processing methodologies for varying lithologies.
  • Developing 3D models of ore body formations
  • Creating and working with vector space imaging
  • Characterization of rock properties to create filtering parameters for radargram data
  • Knowledge of sub-structural modeling in complex geological areas
  • Knowledge of radar, seismic and resistivity based instruments
  • Developing filters, procedures and methods to post process radargram information.
  • Development of pre-filtering algorithms to identify rock interface boundaries.
  • Supporting software development to ensure proper radargram interpretation
  • Working collaboratively with mechanical, and hardware disciplines;
  • Leading or participating in design reviews;
  • Writing, reviewing and executing test plans;
  • Creating user manuals;
  • Writing and reviewing technical specifications, and;
  • Provide mentoring and leadership to junior team members.

Qualifications Required:

  • PhD in Geophysics or equivalent Geophysics degree;
  • Comprehensive experience in Electromagnetic instruments and interpretation of their signals.
  • Minimum 15 – 20 years of experience with application and product development and design, in ground penetrating radar environment;
  • Understanding of Ground Penetrating Radar systems, subsystems and/or software requirements and development of suitable design options would be an asset, and;
  • Experience in GPR Slice or equivalent software is an asset

Novamera Inc Offers:

  • A constant stream of new challenges and a team of exceptionally collaborative and dedicated peers, all the way from engineering to leadership and management and;
  • Growth and mentorship. We believe in growing engineers through leadership opportunities. And mentors helping both sides of the equation
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