Software Development Manager - Big Data

January 22 2021
Industries Goods transportation, Warehousing
Categories Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Data analyst, BI, Mining, AI, Data Business Analyst, Information Technology, Programming, Development
Toronto, ON


Amazon is investing heavily in building a world class advertising business and we are at the forefront of that explosive growth. We deliver campaign reporting for all of Amazon advertising and produce analytics and reporting data that are used by advertisers to grow their business every day. We process billions of ad impressions, clicks, and conversion events daily and we invent and evolve our event-driven architectures with AWS to manage the extreme scale of our data growth. As campaign reporting product owners, we are also breaking fresh ground to create world-class analytics products. We are highly motivated, collaborative and fun-loving with an entrepreneurial spirit and agile bias for action. With a broad mandate to experiment and innovate, we are growing at an unprecedented rate with a seemingly endless range of new opportunities.

As a SDM, you will be 100% focused on implementing major change throughout a complex low-latency, high throughput advertising ecosystem. You will be the single-threaded owner of several high scale systems including one of the highest TPS systems at Amazon. Your team will consist of senior engineering talent solving some of the hardest big data and data management problems at Amazon.

We are open to hiring for this role in Toronto, Canada or Boulder, CO.

About you:
You want to work on projects where you are implementing solutions to real problems that require creative solutions and deep understanding of the problem space. You challenge yourself and others to constantly come up with better and often disruptive solutions. You know how to work cross-functionally to create alignment and deliver results. You're a thought leader, but you don't just know how to solve the problem, you prove it by going and building the solution. You want to create value and impact the direction of entire industries. You are passionate about building exceptional teams. This role requires a deeply technical person that can work at this scale but also interface with business teams and ensure our services meets the needs of our customers.

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