Temporary Employment – a Variety of Job Opportunities

Gone are the days when temporary employment was reserved for day labourers in factories. Here is a compilation of fields that increasingly depend on temporary workers to meet growing labour needs. You might be surprised!  

1. Specialists in Human Resources. This advisor will be involved in various matters such as skills management, employee relations, organizational change management, employee engagement, etc. Companies will be looking for a temporary employee to meet a specific need (objective) for managing their human capital.

2. Software (and application) developers. Contrary to what might be thought, these computer geniuses don’t work in silos in front of their computer. These positions require a lot of team work as well as a good dose of creativity.

3. Heavy truck drivers. Many of the positions posted for this trade are temporary or seasonal. In addition to driving the vehicle, there are often elements of customer service required for the position.

4. Construction worker. The construction field is larger than is generally thought. Whether in the field or in offices, many temporary positions are offered to those interested: project coordinator, jobsite support officer, flag person, etc. Some of these temporary positions are even unionized!

5. Administrative assistants. Take note, those who have a bent for organization. The job descriptions for these positions vary. Administrative assistants support managers in the daily management of their agendas, whether to arrange meetings, following up or planning activities.

6. Accounting clerk. There is no need to be hired in a permanent position for a large firm to work as a bookkeeper. More and more organizations hire temporary workers to fill this key role on the team. The bookkeeper’s main tasks are data entry, billing and a support role for the accounting department.

7. Landscaper. Jobs related to the development of outdoor spaces are seasonal or temporary by nature. We’re talking here about tasks such as laying peat, planting trees, laying pavers, leveling the ground or even snow removal in winter.

In short, whether it’s to meet an urgent need, a shortage of labour simply to replace someone on maternity leave, there are many opportunities offered to skilled workers!
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