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Spiros Kalantzis @SecurityScorecard

Spiros Kalantzis was recruited by SecurityScorecard as Senior Director of Engineering in Montreal. He was formerly employed at FireEye, Inc. .

Simon Desjardins @Évolution SD

After working as a Production, engineering and innovation manager at Megalak Finition Inc, Simon Desjardins has become a Consultant Manufacturing at Évolution SD in Laval.

Gabriel Coulet @Aurelia Gloves Canada

Gabriel Coulet moved from Université de Montréal to join Aurelia Gloves Canada in Montreal as a Director of Innovation & Marketing.

Sabria Defnoun @Vantage BioTrials

Sabria Defnoun left Actelion to join Vantage BioTrials in Montreal as a Quality Management Lead.

Jean-Patrick Lapierre @NEXONE

Jean-Patrick Lapierre was recruited by NEXONE as Chef des Opérations in Montreal. He was formerly employed at Gestisoft.

Yasser Chtaini @Aviva Canada

Yasser Chtaini has taken up the role of Surety Risk Management Specialist at Aviva Canada in Montreal. He was formerly employed at Stantec.

Jeremy Waring @SBSA Experts-conseils en structure

Jeremy Waring joined SBSA Experts-conseils en structure as Structural Engineer in Montreal. Prior to that he had worked as Directeur de l'Ingénierie/Director fo Engineering at Les Entreprises Houle Excavation inc.

Phillip Derosa @OneSpan

Phillip Derosa is moving on from being QA Director in Playtika. He will be working as Head of Global QA at OneSpan in Saint-Lazare.

Dominic Duval @Sixth Street

Dominic Duval has been hired on as a Head of Infrastructure Engineering at Sixth Street in Montreal. He was previously employed as Principal Cloud Architect at Cloud Technology Partners, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Darren Maccallum @GAL Power Systems

Darren Maccallum is taking up the role of Buyer at GAL Power Systems in Montreal.

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