A brief overview of engineering and technical field in Canada

Energy, aeronautical, civil engineering, …, read more about lots of professional opportunities offered in the technical opportunities in Canada

The role of women in technical professions

Today, 48% of jobs in Canada are held by women. The world of work would seem to observe male/female parity. However, women are not equally represented in each sector of activity and technical trades bear this out. Although their proportion has steadily increased in Canada in the last decade, in 2018 they represented only 17.4% of […]

Canadian aerospace industry soaring!

The sector is once again doing well, after the difficulties following September 11, 2001. Orders are currently at all all-time high for most manufacturers. Let’s take a closer look at an industry that employs almost 80,000 people in Canada. It was the end of 2001, and the repercussions of the terrorist attacks against the World […]

The energy and natural resources sector

Canada is a model in the management of its natural resources. Third-largest electricity producer among OECD countries, third-largest gas producer in the world, and seventh-largest oil producer in the word, Canada is one of the rare countries in which the discovery of natural resources does not lead to economic or political instability. No instability, and […]

Engineering jobs in Canada: projections for 2020

A detailed study by Prism Economics and Analysis on the labour market of civil engineers helped to establish hiring projections from the present to 2020, which show certain imbalances between the different Canadian provinces.   AN UNBALANCED LABOUR MARKET The study, carried out by Prism Economics and Analysis, emphasizes three types of imbalances in the […]

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