Job descriptions of engineers or technicians

Engineer or technician, have a look on the different jobs the technical industry. Role, evolution, employment opportunities..

Electronics technician

Given the ever-increasing presence of electronics in most industrial sectors and the strong development of digital technologies, electronics technicians are very much in demand, regardless of the sector (e.g. aerospace, automobile, telecommunications, medical).  The duties of electronics technicians vary depending on the type of company for which they work. The work will involve more repair […]

Drafting technician

Changing technologies have tended to reduce the demand for drafting technicians. Computer-aided drawing is enhancing professional productivity, and the many young engineers who are proficient in computer-aided design (CAD) cuts down on the need for their services. In this context, it is important for drafting technicians to continually stay current with new technologies. Drafting technicians […]


Technicians and technologists provide engineers, scientists and other professionals with technical support. They may work in offices, laboratories, test areas or job sites. They are involved in all types of technical fields including computers, civil engineering, building engineering, electrical engineering, food and biopharmaceuticals. “Technicians” refers to professionals with one to two years of post-secondary education. […]

Health, safety and environment (HSE) engineer

Health, safety and the environment are standards that few companies can afford to ignore. Not only do they limit risks and subsequent costs, but they also enhance the corporate image of companies that take them into account. The HSE engineer is therefore essential for companies. MAIN DUTIES In charge of the development and maintenance of […]

Sales engineer

As implied by the name, these professionals are both engineers and sales/business specialists. They work in all kinds of companies—public or private, manufacturing or service company—that offer products to customers. Thanks to their technical knowledge, sales engineers can explain the features of complex products (e.g. software packages, medication, machine tools) and propose solutions adapted to […]

Engineer project manager

Engineering project managers are in charge of supervising the development of complex projects while observing pre-determined conditions (cost, quality, safety, timelines). Depending on their profile, they work in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, civil engineering, computers and construction. They are responsible, for example, for managing dam construction, software development, road and building construction from […]

Research & Development engineer (R&D)

Surrounded by a team of technicians, R&D engineers do research and development work in a department considered the company’s temple of innovation. True “inventors,” they are in charge of designing new products, developing new technologies and improving existing processes. It is an increasingly strategic function as international competition heats up. R&D engineers work closely with […]

Quality engineer

Quality engineers guarantee the compliance of products (as well as services and manufacturing processes) with the company’s standards or those required by law. Their role is to ensure the ongoing equivalent quality of merchandise, in order to build customer loyalty. Specifically, they define quality indicators (e.g. health, solidity), then set up control procedures for the […]

Production engineer – Manufacturing engineer

Production engineers manage the operation of one or more manufacturing workshops in a manufacturing company. Their role is to organize, set up and optimize production, while observing specifications. Their responsibilities vary based on the size and structure of the company. They can be in charge of all the products, one line in particular, or a […] network